Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid | Free Album Stream

aesop rock the impossible kid

Aesop Rock’s The Impossible Kid album stream has been released in an unconventional way. Due in stores Friday (April 29), the project is available via a video remake of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film The Shining that is carried out by a series of dolls and is posted on Rhymesayers Entertainment’s YouTube page.

Even with his homage to one of Kubrick’s most acclaimed films serving as the visual accompaniment to The Impossible Kid stream, Aesop Rock says that the content of his new album is rooted in his life experience, as has been the case with much of his material.

“No matter how abstract or direct I’m being, or what the subject matter, it’s all kinda rooted in the pool of experiences I’ve gathered,” Aesop Rock says during an interview with Noisey. “I think different things become important to talk about in different phases of my life, but I can’t say there is a conscious shifting of my approach. I just kinda reach for whatever is available at the time. I sometimes jot down a song idea—but when I go to actually write it, the bigger picture of how I’d make the song happen just eludes me. The lyrics just aren’t there. It’s really been about what’s ready to come out, as opposed to what I think is a good song idea.”

The Impossible Kid tracklist with time codes noted and album video stream are as follows:

1. – Mystery Fish
2. – Rings
3. – Lotta Years
4. – Dorks
5. – Rabies
6. – Supercell
7. – Blood Sandwich
8. – Get Out of the Car
9. – Shrunk
10. – Kirby
11. – TUFF
12. – Lazy Eye
13. – Defender
14. – Water Tower
15. – Molecules

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