Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Eric Lefkofsky Is Focused On Molecular Sequencing

According to independent government studies, we spend $3 trillion a year on healthcare. And those same studies say a third of that money isn’t used the right way. Southfield, Michigan native Eric Lefkofsky thinks there’s a better way to spend our healthcare dollars, and he is on a mission to prove it. Lefkofsky’s resume is impressive by anyone’s standards. Eric is the co-founder of several successful companies, and he is an avid supporter of the charitable causes he believes in. Lefkofsky sits on the board at Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Museum of Science and History in Chicago. He is also a trustee of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Plus, he is the co-chairman of World Business Chicago’s Technology Council. Mr. Lefkofsky did his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan, and he has a law degree from the University of Michigan’s Law School. Mr. Lefkofsky is also an adjunct professor at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

Forbes Magazine says Lefkofsky is worth $2.1 billion, thanks to his ability to take startups to the next level. At 48, people say Eric has it all, but that’s not the way Eric thinks. His family foundation, the Lefkofsky Foundation, supports four causes that need more attention. Lefkofsky is putting his fortune on the line to help improve education, human rights, medical advancements, and civic causes. His foundation plays a role in all those issues. Lefkofsky wants to take medical technology to another level. That’s why he decided to co-found Tempus Labs. Tempus Labs is one of Chicago’s top healthcare tech companies. The Tempus mission is to improve cancer treatments. Lefkofsky and his team at Tempus want to personalize cancer care. The Tempus team believes the answer to optimum cancer care is in understanding gene-sequencing and then explaining it with data analysis.

Things can get complicated when researchers dig into human DNA and molecular sequencing. The Tempus state-of-the-art lab and the long list of medical professionals who are part of the Tempus team are pioneers in the quest to unravel DNA anomalies and uncover RNA tumor secrets. Genome sequencing determines the complete sequencing of DNA at one time. Lefkofsky and the Tempus team are able to identify the order of DNA strands, and they can determine if one or more of those strands are out of order. The human genome has more than 3 billion genetic letters, and Tempus has the ability to identify which genetic letters are not where they should be.

Mr. Lefkofsky is all in when it comes to understanding the different aspects and forms of cancer. He approaches that task like he approaches accelerated disruption. Accelerated disruption is capitalism’s way of reinventing itself. In order for capitalism to survive, new companies disrupt the business models of companies that lack updated technology or other the ingredients that keep them relevant in a capitalistic market. Lefkofsky understands the consequences of accelerated disruption, and that’s why he focuses on innovation, creativity, and uniqueness when he starts a business.

Tempus is on the cutting edge of medical technology, and Lefkofsky wants to remain on that edge. But he also wants the work that Tempus is doing to touch as many cancer patients as possible. There’s more work to do when it comes to identifying the cause of certain types of cancer. Eric Lefkofsky isn’t waiting for another company to disrupt his business model and identify the psychological causes of cancer. He wants to be one pioneer who solves the mysteries inherent in personal cancer cases.

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