F.Y.I. Releases Age/Sex/Location (EP) | One Thang (Official Music Video)

f.y.i. age sex location ep cover

Age/Sex/Location (A/S/L) is a hip-hop/rap EP from Mid-City Los Angeles rapper, F.Y.I.┬áthe album features beats courtesy of Dual Output (credits: 50 Cent). The EP was produced by Charles “Bass King” Glenn and co-produced by F.Y.I. On the energetic EP, F.Y.I. touches on different subject matter ranging from the ills of social media, what is true love, and what it means to be a hueman. Musically, the project features more live instrumentation than his previous work, but keeps with the spirit of raw enegetic hip-hop that F.Y.I. is known to bring. Lyrically, F.Y.I.’s spears are sharper than ever piercing the soul of the listeners causing an increasing discussion amongst rap fans that he deserves to be mentioned alongside the top lyricists of today! Also, the project has a bonus song featuring upcoming Compton emcee/producer, Sir Jon Lee. This EP is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed record, “Yo! The Places You’ll Go“.

Watch the video “One Thang” down below!

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