Ghostface Killah And Martin Shkreli Are Really Going At It

ghostface killa vs martin shkreli

Ghostface Killah and Martin Shkreli, the accused criminal who bought the one copy of the Wu Tang album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, started going at a few days ago. Ghost called him “shithead,” and then Shkreli mocked Ghost’s recent album sales by calling him a “non-profit rapper”.

In Ghost’s latest comeback, he likened the button nosed 32-year old to Michael Jackson and said he would end him in four days.

“This is the man that wanna be beefing,” Ghost says in the video. “The Michael Jackson-nose-kid… C’mon bruh, you don’t want to do it. I’ll break your heart in four days. We can play if you wanna play. We can get it in. I’m just laughing off the dude’s face. C’mon, man. Look at that smile.”

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