Happy Birthday, Guru! 5 Great Gang Starr Songs

happy birthday guru

July 17 marks the birthday of Keith “Guru” Elam, the rapper who formed one-half of the legendary group Gang Starr. Guru would have been 56 years old.

The Boston born emcee repped for Brooklyn for most of his career, and his polished monotone delivery over the jazz-influenced boom-bap beats from DJ Premier set a standard for East Coast hip-hop acts to follow. Guru stepped out on his own with the acclaimed Jazzmatazz series and various guest appearances, but his legacy with Primo is one of hip-hop’s most indelible.

Gang Starr released six albums, and their discography is critically acclaimed and esteemed amongst true heads.
To honor Guru’s legacy, we decided to present our top five Gang Starr songs. Read the selection below. Do you agree with our selections?

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