Jus Da Ill Music‬ Presents The ‪‎Cal Ill Fornia‬ Compilation

cal ill fornia compilation

The ‪CalILLfornia‬ compilation will be released on July 4th 2016, all Digi download sites & blogs followed by physical copies to be distributed worldwide!

Featuring ‪Bay Area‬ legends Rappin’ 4-TayMistah FAB with Mark Morrison, ThE iinTerCepTerZ ( Herman Watson, Amarrieon Acee-Ville White, MIC Bless and Christian Garcia.

Kamoflawge Terminal have an exclusive ‪”Street Fame”‬ dropping on monday 06-06-2016 as well!

Plus more exclusives from ‪JrodTheProblem‬ ( Jeremiah Rodriguez ), Delaney Brandon, ‎Whatalife‬, Euro Los, Rigo IndioakaInds Diaz, Spit Hell Manuel and Marlon D with more to be announced.

For more details visit blessthemicrophone.com

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