Prodigy (Mobb Deep) Mural Defaced A Second Time

prodigy mural defaced

The massive mural street artists Jeff Henriquez and Eli “Eli Eos” Lazare painted in honor of the late Mobb Deep MC Prodigy was destroyed by vandals over the weekend, just hours after it was unveiled. Henriquez and Lazare worked diligently to repair it and after 15 hours of work, revealed the finished product (again). But it didn’t last.

The mural, which is located on 13th Street and 40th Avenue in New York City, has been defaced once again, this time with a giant splash of red paint littered across the Queensbridge Hip Hop legend’s face and right arm.

While many people are outraged at the blatant disrespect, Henriquez likely isn’t surprised. In an Instagram photo he posted to his account on Sunday (July 9), the artist wrote: “Sadly I expect my wall to get hit again. But regardless. The statement we made today represents the resilience of a community and a deep love for one man. Im honored to have been asked to do the piece.”

(The original version of the story was published on July 8, 2017 and can be found below.)

Less than 24 hours after a mural dedicated to Prodigy was unveiled, vandals evidently decided to destroy the artistic tribute to the late Mobb Deep MC. Close friend and collaborator Cormega posted a photo to his Instagram account showing white paint splattered across Prodigy’s face with a caption that read: “This is some sucker shit.”

The mural was painted on the wall of the Urban Upbound building on 13th Street and 40th Avenue, across the street from the Queensbridge Houses in New York City where Prodigy spent part of his youth.

Artists Jeff Henriquez and Eli “Eli Eos” Lazare, who created the mural over a course of five days, have yet to react on social media, but many others have taken time to express their outrage at the blatant vandalism. It’s unclear if the NYPD is investigating it as a crime.

Prodigy passed away at the age of 42 in Las Vegas last month after complications with sickle cell anemia, a condition he’d fought his entire life.

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